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We offer a full range of Waste Management Services!
Why ban plastics when it can be Recycled and Reused?

Aquila provides a wide range of waste management solutions for communities. We offer solid waste collection, transportation, segregation, recycling and disposal of waste. We have a well-established recycling facility that ensures appropriate professional recycling of waste.
We assist companies, organizations and communities to set up appropriate segregation at source systems that facilitate recycling of waste and thus saving the environment.
From its inception in 2012, Aquila has sought out innovative ways of ensuring sustainable resource recovery of waste as opposed to dumping waste in the landfill. Contact us for a detailed analysis..

Recycling is a resource recovery practice that refers to the collection and reuse of waste materials such as empty beverage containers.Aquila has established a plastics recycling plant that handles different categories of plastic to produce high quality plastic flakes. The most common consumer product handled is Mineral water bottles (PET), jerrycans and basins.

We train your team on solid waste management and handling of waste. Contact us if you are not content with the way waste is handled in your premises for a professional audit and recommendations

Don’t get stuck with E-Waste. We offer a solution for electric and electronic waste in a professional manner. This could be through refurbishment, dismantling or data destruction. Send us your monitors, laptops, cameras, scanners/printers, Televisions, phones and personal electronic equipment.
We provide a Destruction/Disposal Certificate for all the waste handled after the safe disposal of e-waste.
Services include:
E-Waste Collection
Data Destruction (Paper or electronic)
Recycling and dismantling
Asset refurbishment

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Solid Waste Management