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We Provide the Best Waste ManagementPlastics Recycling Services Since 2012

We offer professional services to save the environment while also empowering the communities that we serve. We divert waste from the waste stream by buying, processing and reselling the finished prouct as secondary raw materials.

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Reach out if you have waste on your premises or if you need to set up a waste program in a professional manner.

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About Us

We Have 32 Years of Combined Experience in Waste Management

With us, you have a team of experienced and passionate staff who are ready to serve. Reach out and let us be of service.

Eng. Dickson Kwesiga

CEO & Founder

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Products We Sell

We produce high quality regrinded products for the plastic industry. High quality flakes and pellets are used for polyester fiber industry, packaging, construction, furniture, and household items.


PET Plastic Flakes

High quality cold washed PET Plastic flakes from post consumer and post industrial waste plastics. We have different colors of clear, mixed blue and green.


HDPE Plastic Pellets

High quality HDPE Plastic Pellets from blow molded and injection molded HDPE for sale.


LPDE Plastic Pellets

High quality LDPE Plastic Pellets from waste LDPE for sale.

Our Services

What Service We Offer

Your business can benefit from waste reduction and zero waste initiatives powered by our tools and professional expertise.

Plastic Recycling

Plastic Recycling

We provide plastic waste recycling services, purchase of plastic waste and sale of regrinds and plastic granules

Waste Advisory & Audit

Waste Advisory & Audit

Let us help you with a customized waste management program to help you meet your sustainability goals and objectives

Waste Logistics

Waste Logistics

Logistics services for customers who are promoting 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) initiatives for a recycling-oriented, sustainable society.

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Plot 126 Kiteezi, Mpererwe

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