We produce a variety of high quality recycled products to meet your various needs. Share with us your needs and we will reach a mutually beneficial agreement.

Here are some Best of our Products

These are our best selling products. Contact us for more details.

Plastic PET Flakes

We provide clear, mixed blue and green PET flakes or RPET.If you are looking for the best recycling company that offers high quality recycled products, then look no further. We offer PET plastic flakes in quality and in bulk.

Plastic HDPE Flakes

Mainly from used caps, we produce HDPE Flakes in mixed, yellow, green and red colors. The flakes are crushed, washed and dried.

Our Services

We offer a number of waste management services to meet the varying needs of the market in a professionial manner

Organizations That We Work With

We work with both local and international organizations to meet our needs and those of our clients.